You have the possibility to take the
energy future into your own hands

Consume your generated current itself.

You can be independent of rising energy prices.

Increase the profitability of your plant.

Use clean and environmentally friendly energy.

You can be 100% independent from your traditional power supplier

Invest in free energy for decades

The solar cells transform llight energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly popular in germany, as the knowledge of scarce resources has led to a rethinking. The photovoltaic system consists of solar  modules, inverters and the power line.

There are two variants of assembly: The on-roof system and the in-roof system, which assumes additional functions such as roof tightness and weather protection.

New paths in innovative storage technologies

A solar power system is most productive in sunlight. During the day, unused electricity can be stored by an electricity store and used in the eventing, at the night or in the morning. This will increase the self-sufficiency of your household.

Future today

Each kilowatt hour of solar power consumed makes you more independent of rising energy prices. The more solar power you consume, the more economical your solar power system. Especially if future electricity prices continue to rise.

With more than 500 built-in power storage units and certifications from more than 6 storage manufacturers and over 35 models, we are a leading company in hessen and therefore a suitable contact in the segment store. We are, among other thins, an authorized and certified partner of the brands SolarWatt, Tesla, Senec, Neovoltaik,Varta und SMA.

Independent hot water and potable water preparation

We often forget how energy and cost intensive the permanent provision of hot water can be. By using regenerative energies heat pumps are much more efficient than a central heating system. The Korbacher-energieZENTRUM offers a wide range of solutions for hot water supply by heat pumps. With integrated storage tanks and flow heaters, a heat pump can be used more efficiently for water heating. These systems can also be connected ingelligently with the power generation plant and thus the efficiency can be further increased.

Increase your own consumption and relieve the electricity nets

In the long run, self-generated and inexpensive electricity will pass through the roof and the door to the electrical full supply will open.

A photovoltaic heating element in combination with a decentralized current storage system ensures an increase in the user´s own consumption and a relief of the electricity networks. Heating rods can support the heating system with the excess solar current.

The self-sufficient-system

To store the sun