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Professional energy consulting

Our energy consultants support you with refurbishment and modernization measures as well as new buildings and thoroughly analyze the building stock. In doing so, all relevant data are determined during energy consulting and personal use.

We create an individual energy concept for you, taking into account the cost-effectiveness of various measures. This energy consulting is therefore tailored to you and does not neglect the possibility of benefiting from subsidies granted by the state or a cheap credit.

Optimal energy use
by professional advice


With us, you are right when it comes to the support of an energy consultant. We help with the implementation and planning of refurbishment or modernization measures on old buildings as well as the planning of new buildings. Together with grants from the federal government, the land or municipalities, we can minimize your remediation costs.

In order to make an optimal decision about the costs and benefits of a refurbishment/modernization at all, all the necessary criteria should be taken into account in the energy consultancy by the energy consultant. In addition to the cost framework for the rehabilitation, this is the possible energy saving, the structrual expediture and the possibility of using subsidies and not to forget the comfort factor after an energy consultation.

Unsere Leistungen

  • Preparation of energy certificates for residential and non-residential buildings
  • Creation of a consumer identity card
  • Creation of heat protection certificates
  • Heating load calculations
  • On-site energy consulting
  • Building management
  • Planning of reconstruction works
  • Planning heating system
  • Planning of solar system (solar thermal, photovoltaic)
  • Funding research
  • Funding documents
  • Damage analysis photovoltaics

Energetic refurbishment
- Heat insulation -

Energetic insulation

If your roof needs to be re-rofed, it is often a good idea to directly install a roof insulation. There are two possibilities:

  • Legally prescribed standard insulation according to current energy saving regulations (EnEV2014)
  • High-quality thermal insulation with KfW-subsidy

Ecological heat insulation

The muesli image has long absent since deposited heat insulation from natural materials. Compared to fossil insulation materials, eco-insulating materials have significant advantages:

  • They are harmless to health.
  • They are recyclable.
  • They are climate-friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • They consist of renewable raw materials.

For the ecological insulation old raw materials are rediscovered, but also completely new materials are developed.

Energetic refurbishment
- Heating costs -

Heating control heatapp!

Whether wall or floor heating- with the heatapp! you can retrofit your heating system and control room temperatures. They regulate each room individually, highly energy-efficient and extremely comfortable. With an app, with smartphone or tablet, you can always control your comfort and dropout temperatures while saving energy!

Hydraulic adjustment

By means of a hydraulic adjustment, it is achieved that each room is supplied with an equal amount of heat at a specific flow temperature. Each heating element or heating circuit of a heating system is placed on a certain run of warm water.

Your advantages:

  • Energy saving
  • Optimum room temperatures
  • No flowing noises
  • Ideal controllability of the system

Protect yourself and your loved ones
with modern technology

A smoke detector can protect life

600 fire deaths, about 6000 injuries and € 4 billion of property damage annually.

The smoke detector detects dangerous smoke developments immediately and alerts you with a loud, pulsing alarm sound and a blinking LED. Alarm is triggered as soon as the concentration of the scattered light exceeds the threshold. Smoke detectors are regulated in the children´s bedroom, bedroom and hallways.

Protect your home

Your personal habitat is a high good and must be protected. Your quality of life suffers from a break-in and you can experience psychological consequences in addition to the lsot sense of security and valuables.

We want to protect you and your loved ones with the latest safety technology.

Save cash money
- fund management -

Energetic refurbishment

For the energetic renovation, builders have a range of funding programs at their disposal. These can be applied for at banks, municipalities or state institutions.

Renewable energy

Rehabilitation programs for renewable energies are available for reconstruction and renovation measures as well as for new buildings. We are happy to help.

Theory and practice
Hand in hand

Heating master

  • Alternative heating technology
  • Heat pumps
  • Combined heat and power plants, KWBK
  • Infrared heating
  • Ice storage
  • Modern gas-/ oil- condensing technology

Roofing master

  • Roofing of all kinds
  • Rehabilitation roof/repairs
  • Asbestos disposal TRSG 519
  • Solar thermal, photovoltaic
  • Roof windows

Electrician master

  • Electrical Installation Home & Business
  • Emergency power
  • Houase management
  • Lighting systems
  • Power storage
  • Safety engineering

Carpentry master

  • Carpentry and timber construction of all kinds
  • Roof trusses, dormers, pergolas
  • Entrance porches, terraces
  • Balcony roofs, balconies
  • Fences
  • Carports